Credit Society Software

credit society software
credit society software

credit cooperative society software

Satmat Group's Credit Society Software offers best-in-class functionality and caters to all of the software's modest requirements, both now and in the future. Satmat Group is a well-known Credit Co-operative Society Software Development Company in India, with over four years of expertise and trust in developing Credit Co-operative Society Software and websites. Satmat Group offers a fully secure web-based RD FD MIS Software or Money Market Software that can be used by anyone. Users can easily build a paperless file and submit it for approval online. Satmat Group provides document management solutions for all types of businesses, including: product definition, file processing and documentation, amount calculation, billing, account processing, foreclosure, and termination; Satmat Group provides document management solutions for all types of businesses.


Essential Modules of a Credit Society Software .

  1. SMS Integration
  2. Online Payment
  3. Loan Interest Calculation
  4. Staff Management
  5. RD, FD, MIS Collection App
  6. Share Management
  7. Dividend Declaration

Main Features

A Credit Society is a type of co-operative society which works in the areas of improvement related to financial weaknesses.

  • Application Security: The system is secured using IP and MAC addresses. System for FI verification, document verification, and a four-level verification system
  • Automation: Interest is calculated automatically for deposits and loans.
  • Audit Reports: Reports for the purpose of auditing.
  • Document Management: Can keep track of paperwork for members and staff, such as loan applications and membership forms.
  • Accounting: When software enters a transaction, it affects the Day book, Ledger, Balance Sheet, and Trial Balance Reports automatically.
  • On/Off System: You can enable and disable software features such as Forms, Transactions, Deposits, Branch Login, Website, and any registration based on your needs.
  • Web Technology: Any technology can be used depending on the needs of the client.
  • Multi-State: This programme can manage all of the states and their branches.
  • Multi-Operator: You can create as many operators as you like to work on software, and you can assign them different rights.
  • User Privileges: User Privileges are access and ability permissions that can be provided to certain users.
  • Multi-Agent and Customer: This can be worked on by a "N" number of agents and customers, and it has previously been tested with millions of entries.
  • User-Friendly Program: The software is simple to use, and no professional personnel are necessary to use it.
  • Data Security: The project is built on a safe architecture with features such as captcha, 3D verification, OTP (One Time Password), and a separate Transaction Pin in this software. We also handle the important code using higher level encryption.