Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

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crypto Exchange

Crypto Exchange Development

If you're a startup or an existing company looking to launch a hybrid crypto exchange, you can take use of our blockchain expertise, domain understanding, and technological prowess to get the development and consulting services you need. To ensure an enhanced trading experience for your users, we leverage market-leading technologies to reinforce your exchange with institutional-grade security and world-class performance. Our blockchain engineers and subject matter experts help you pivot faster and smarter to meet your business objectives and make an impact in the market. Connect with our specialists of Satmat Group to discuss your company's requirements.


Essential Modules of a Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform.

  1. Trading Engine
  2. User Interface
  3. Wallet
  4. Liquidity
  5. Admin Module

Main Features

Cryptocurrencies are a digital representation of value considered by their holders as a means of payment. They owe their high popularity to aspects which traditional currencies lack. Learn about their key features.

  • User Friendly Interface: A easy to use interface for a seamless user experience
  • OTC Trading: Over the counter trading enables direct trading of assets between users
  • Multi Layer Security: We develop a highly secure platform for transfer of multiple assets simultaneously
  • Automatic Conversion Rates: Multiple currency options are available for viewing balance and conversion
  • Multi Coin and Multi Asset: We support trading with every cryptocurrency. Users can buy and sell easily from their wallets with secure and low-latency transactions
  • Cross Platform: Our solution is compatible with all the platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux
  • KYC verification: We create a legitimate and authentic user base through KYC verification
  • Enhanced Privacy: With our white label wallet solution we ensure enhanced privacy

Know more about Cryptocurrency Exchange Development..

Since the beginning of cryptocurrency, centralised and decentralised exchanges have dominated the market. For high liquidity and quick transactions, centralised exchanges are depended upon. Decentralized exchanges, meanwhile, are noted for their anonymity and strong security. Both sorts of exchanges, however, have inefficiencies. The centralised exchange is vulnerable to hacking and has large transaction costs, but the decentralised exchange cannot handle high-frequency transactions. Because of these inefficiencies, a hybrid crypto exchange is required.
The hybrid exchange combines the greatest features of both centralised and decentralised exchanges, providing centralised exchanges with high liquidity and rapid transactions while decentralised exchanges provide anonymity and security. Hybrid exchanges are gaining popularity among traders and businesses looking to start a crypto exchange because of these advantages.
Partner with Satmatgroup for a smooth development path if you want to take advantage of the possibility to establish your hybrid exchange.

We ensure that our cryptocurrency exchange development process follows the cryptocurrency exchange security standard to the letter, ensuring that the generated cryptocurrency exchange is absolutely hack-proof and resistant to future high-tech security threats.
We frequently conduct in-depth analyses of previous, current, and future cyber security failures on global cryptocurrency exchanges, and we store the results in order to take preventive steps on a developing basis. Our approach to bitcoin exchange development enabled us to create a slew of popular cryptocurrency exchanges with cutting-edge features that can guard against both known and unknown security flaws.
With user protection and overall security as our primary priorities, we at Bitdeal make every effort to create cryptocurrency exchanges that are worthy of being listed among the top 100 cryptocurrency exchanges. During beta development, our lab processes include the following security tests.