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We Satmat Group,Provide a way to improve your customer’s engagement through our customized, personalized highly interactive and user-friendly Ecommerce mobile app.Build your own e-commerce application now and delight your users with a feature enriched, user-friendly experience.

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Software Development Company

Ecommerce App Development

Some Important Features

  • Simple Registration Process.
  • User-friendly product filtering and sorting.
  • Easy way, Safe, Secure, Trusted .
  • Secure,easy multiple in-app payments options.
  • Simple Navigation.
  • Push Notifications.
  • Feedback System.
  • Eliminate too many Clicks.
  • Shopping cart, Shipping options, Order summary.
  • Membership options, Loyalty programs .
  • Easy customer service access.
  • 24/7 support

Our Services

Step Into The Light With Ecommerce App Development. Bigger, Better, Ecommerce App Development.

Admin Panel

Customized, user friendly, simple Admin panel, compatible with web and mobile view.


WE provide SEO friendly website compatible to both mobile view and web view for Ecommerce.

Andriod App

We Provide user friendly andriod app for Ecommerce .

Benefits of ecommerce app development

Ecommerce App Development Fills You Up Inside.

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Factor Decide The Cost Of Application.

App hosting is an important step because that makes it live for the general public to download.

Hosting an app is also part of App Development Cost Factors, which is a vital investment from the viewpoint of business owners.

You can call design as one of the factors that can garner the eyeballs. If the design is intuitive and eye-holding, then it will surely attract the customer.

It can be anything that can be interesting for your customer, be it service, animation, icon, color combination, and many more things.

Platforms: iOS, Android.
The platform becomes an important & primary App Development Cost Factors.
If you are a startup company with limited capital, then the budget becomes a primary factor for app owners.

And for that, you need research on which platform has more users. There are more Android users than iOS users.

App Functionality.
The functions and features are important in the application. Application without feature would not sustain long in the market.
The time it takes to properly develop or integrate functionality for an app will naturally affect how long it takes to develop.

App functionality play vital role in app development.

Integration Points.
There are additional integrations that need to be done while developing an application.
For example, location requires GPS, social media requires widgets, analytics requires MixPanel, and e-commerce requires payment gateway service.

Third-party integration is also one of the major factors influencing app development cost.

Backend and quality analysis.
The process of mobile app development depends on using different technologies to meet varied business objectives. However, with the advent of the latest technologies and globalization, the perspective of mobile app development has undergone a sea change.

Backend plays very important role in app development sinces it is the heart of any application.

Maintenance Plan.
The app update is mandatory as it reminds the regular user that the app has constant changes in favor of its users. App update brings new features that require additional budget.

Additionally, you have to discuss with your developers about the approximate budget for the backend support and maintenance

The acceptance of the application in the market includes several factors, and one of the factors includes security. Application Security Issues are giving sleepless nights to business owners.

Users trust the application as it will not leak the data and information. Any glitch or data leakage from the application side would be a massive hit on their business.

Any changes in the app UI or in the app funtionality after onces app deployed also consider as a major factor in application costing.

Update is totaly depends upon customer choices what change excaulty he wants in application.
Major aspect in application development.

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