Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System

A multi-specialty hospital can benefit from a Windows and Web-based Electronic Medical History Record (EMHR).


A modern, scalable product for hospitals, clinics, and their branches that allows them to provide better patient care while increasing operational efficiency and revenue.

  1. OPD
  2. IPD
  3. Pathalogy
  4. Pharmacy
  5. Accounts
  6. Store
  7. Reports
  8. Ambulance
  9. Laundry
  10. General Masters
  11. Operation Theatre
  12. Blood Bank & Donation
  13. General Announcements

Main Features

A centralised system that makes it easier to manage the hospital's or other medical facility's operations.

  • Billing, collection, discharge detail, patient medical history, and other functions may all be viewed in one place.
  • Software becomes more robust as a result of the package's support for adaptability and scalability.
  • Patients in the OPD and IPD can choose from a variety of general and standardised health packages.
  • The Audit Trail Facility is used to authenticate and verify entries.
  • Easy query handling for quick decisions on patient bed allocation and requests for bed transfers.
  • Work Flow Management is included in for all functional areas.
  • Search engine that can find any type of information on a patient's medical history. Reports on overall performance.
  • Healthcare Processes are Streamlined, and Easy Centralized Backup Options are Available.
  • Smart Card Technology, Bar Code, and other Lab equipments (PACS, DICOM, etc. – Optional) are all available as interfaces.