Order Management System

Order Management System

The order management platform is used to place orders from sales reps or directly from stores, to list orders by store, to track delivery and shipping with various statuses, and to conduct partial deliveries for items.

It will assist you in automating your order routing selections in order to optimise for cost, customer service, or whatever criteria are most important to your company.


The following are the primary modules covered by the software.

  1. Inventory
  2. Super Admin
  3. Order Tracking
  4. Payment gateway
  5. Stock reporting
  6. General Announcements

Main Features

A cloud-based online platform that is centralised.

  • Super Admin is in charge of organising subscriptions and reporting for the stores.
  • Organize various stores.
  • Organize sales representatives from several stores.
  • Inventory and pricing for store-specific items.
  • Place an order..
  • View an Order.
  • Place an order for delivery.
  • Orders are being tracked.
  • Reporting about the stock market.
  • Store subscription payment gateway