Point of Sale

Point of Sale

With our POS system, accepting payments is a breeze. In the automobile business, we provide credit card processing that is integrated with the shop's existing management system.


Its Credit & Debit processing app allows your business to accept all types and forms of payments. It can assist you with payments in-store, on the go, and invoicing.

  1. Mobile Payments
  2. Digital Receipts
  3. Point of Sale
  4. Payment gateway API
  5. In-Store & Mobile Payments
  6. Invoicing with recurring payments
  7. Electronic Signatures enabled receipts
  8. Interactive dashboard for payment summary

Main Features

A full platform for receiving payments via all major credit cards (web, iOS, and Android).

  • Flat rate processing for all major credit cards eliminates the need for complicated processing rates
  • A POS system, invoicing, and recurring payments are all provided by this application.
  • The mobile card reader in the POS system accepts all major credit cards.
  • Invoices are simple to prepare, and customers can pay in person or via SMS reminder.
  • The automotive shop can choose the date, amount, and period for an ongoing payment to be collected via recurring instalments. This is perfect for vehicle loans and instalment payments.
  • Customers' electronic signatures make checkout simple.
  • Data tokenization is used to receive the customer's payment information in order to keep it secure.
  • Our end-to-end encryption protects and saves the customer's data, allowing them to swipe their card only once.