Professional Labor Management

Professional-Labor Management

Professional Labor Management is a software programme used in the supply chain industry for staffing projects including material handling. It handles everything from cost estimates and time monitoring to built-in performance reviews and locating locations, providing you complete control and the most flexible options for customising and assembling a team that meets your requirements.


The following are the major modules contained in the package.

  1. Staffing
  2. Time tracking
  3. Human Resource
  4. Project Hiring
  5. Test assessment
  6. Budget Prediction

Main Features

A comprehensive platform (web, iOS, and Android) for centrally controlling all staffing and budgeting.

  • Based on their location, search and filter through the list or on a map.
  • Staff and supervisors can use the time tracking feature.
  • Reports and initiatives are reviewed and rated.
  • Staff clock-in/out data is used to forecast the budget.
  • A built-in test assessment tool allows you to assess your employees' talents.
  • Exporting budgets and timesheets is possible.
  • Work Flow Management is included in for all functional areas.