Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

A supply chain management programme that manages the entire construction process, from vendor selection through contract fulfilment and maintenance, and helps the real estate business save money on construction and development. Vendor, Tender, Contract, Material Ordering, and Procurement are some of the most important modules.


The following are the major modules contained in the package.

  1. Tender Module
  2. Vendor Module
  3. Contract Module
  4. Admin Module

Main Features

Supply Chain Management oversees all aspects of a construction company's operations, from vendor selection to comprehensive tendering to contracting and maintenance. This system handles all of the intermediate functions for you.

Vender Module

  • Internal users can propose some well-known vendors through eRecommend.
  • Approvals from vendors, There are various intermediary processes for approval with different level group users, and the entire process is totally automated and customizable.
  • Vendor Login allows a vendor to enter all of his information, including financial information, package specifics, and past sample works and factory information.
  • The data cleaning and credit verification process ensures that the vendor information is correct and that the vendor's credit history is positive.
  • To confirm his previous work, a sample project visit report is kept.
  • The eApraise module is for vendor evaluations.
  • The vendor forum is for users to discuss any vendor with a specific group of people.
  • Vendor profiles are updated on a regular basis.
  • The Watchlist option allows you to keep track of a specific vendor's behaviour over a period of time.

Tender Module

  • Management of a project.
  • Tender creation and selection of vendors for that tender
  • Tenders should be issued to vendors.
  • Returning tenders with essential documentation and price information is possible through the tender return process, which includes both online and offline options.
  • Request for Tenders, If we need clarification on any items from vendors, we can use the messaging feature.
  • The best offer module is used to negotiate prices with vendors.
  • Tender analysis, Tender Report section is for comparing quotations from several vendors for certain products.
  • Finally, after all of these steps, we have a Tender Award module that allows us to oversee the award of tenders to various bidders via an interactive procedure.
  • Approvals are required in all of these stages in order to carry out various actions.

Contract Module

  • We have a Generate Contract option after the tender is awarded, which will construct a contract with the vendor for the awarded items.
  • The Letter of Award module allows you to transmit the contract summary to the vendor and receive confirmation.
  • There is a Contract Book, a Contract Items document, and approval from the internal team, as well as an agreement with the vendor.
  • The contract archive is used to store all types of contract material, such as contracts, maintenance agreements, and so on.
  • There are various sorts of contracts, such as general contracts, framework contracts, and call-off contracts, which are used to build contracts from prior contracts and to handle up-stream and downstream contracts.

Admin Module

  • The Admin user has complete control over the site's configuration, approval process, user group access, reporting, and user administration.
  • There are also numerous interactive libraries and user-customizable routines to make the system more user-friendly and interactive.