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laundry management system

How to start your own online laundry application?

1. Customer App

    The customer app includes customer profiles with personal data such as a customer’s full name, address, and phone number. The customer app enables users to

  • Register and log in
  • Choose the type of service and add details (fabric, kinds of clothes, detergent preferences, etc.)
  • Schedule pickup and dropoff
  • Calculate the cost of service and pay online
2. Delivery App

    When a customer leaves an order, it goes to the delivery app. Within this app, employees can:

  • Get information about orders together with preferred pickup and dropoff times
  • Confirm orders
  • Set up tracking and change the status of an order when it’s ready for pick-up
  • Add locations on the map and build a convenient route for pickups and deliveries
3. Laundry App

    The delivery app is connected to the laundry app. The laundry app receives information about an order such as the order number, type of service (dry cleaning or wash and fold), details about fabric and detergents, etc. When an order is completed, control of operations returns to the delivery app.

    All these processes are controlled by the admin panel, which incorporates:

  • Client data
  • Confirm orders
  • Order histories
  • Statistics and analytics (income, positive and negative reviews, etc.)
  • Map and calendar views
  • Dashboard


    The LSM system comes with a variety of features that make the lives of dry cleaners, customers, and pickup and delivery agents simpler and more convenient. Some of the noteworthy features are mentioned below.

  • User Management
  • Dry Cleaner Management
  • Pickup and Delivery Management
  • Super/Master Admin Management

What Is A Laundry Management System?

  • The Laundry Management system enables the laundry and dry cleaning business to manage day-to-day operations, orders, processes, billing, and delivery management in an automated environment.

What Is Laundry Management Software?

  • Laundry Management software allows running laundry business effortlessly by digitizing processes and simplifying end-to-end activities of a dry-cleaning business.

What Is Laundry Management?

  • Laundry management refers to the handling of all the activities carried out by dry cleaners and laundries such as order placement, pick up & delivery of garments, laundry process, and billing.

What Is Dry Cleaning Software?

  • Dry cleaning software allows complete business management of laundry and dry cleaning business to increase revenue and improve customer experience.