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Satmat Group is software development Company Located in Pune India. We are a Leading Software Development Company that Offers Custom Software Development, Website Development, Mobile APP Development for Android And IOS and Other Web related Services.
We have Vast Experienced, Skilled and Dedicated Team of Professional Developers with Expertise in Various Tools and Technologies.We've perfected a simple, cost-effective method for entering and departing development and quality assurance processes at the correct time and with the necessary resources. Our broad experience has given us the ability to create quick, cost-effective solutions that integrate smoothly with product and business strategy, infrastructure analysis, architecture, UX design, rapid development or all of the above.

Satmat Group Makes Your Dream Project Come True,

Satmat Group Understand's Value of Your Project, Quality And Time.

Our Key Features are

  •   Security.
  •   Responsiveness.
  •   Best UI/UX And Creative Designs
  •   Latest Technologies.
  •   No compromise with the Quality.
  •   Value For Time.
  •   On Time Deliverables.
  •   Dedicated Team.
  •   Ease of Use.
  •   24*7 Support (Online/On-Call).
  •   Customized Software / Applications.
  •   Reasonable Price.

Our Best Software Development Services

Satmat Group Provides

  Website Development

  Application Development

  Software Development

Satmat Group Project Management Lifecycle

Software Development Company in pune

  •    Initiation Stage:

    In First Stage All the Important Information of User Requirement is Gathered together. It Mainly Focuses On Gathering the Objective of the Project Like Purpose, Goal, Information, Target Audience, Gathering Content to be Shown etc.

  •   Planning Stage:

    Once All the Information is Gathered Together, the Design and Implementation strategies Are Planned According to the Requirement and Type of Website.

  •   Execution Stage:

    In Execution Stage Designing Phase is carried out followed by the Development Phase.

  •   Closure Stage:

    In this Stage Testing and Project Implementation is carried Out. When the Team is given the Final Approval, the Website is Ready to be Delivered. The Quality Assurance Team tests for Functionality, Compatibility, And Performance of the Product to ensure that the Software is Ready to be Delivered.

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Questions & Answers

Satmat Group, is a Leading Software Development Company with Expertise in developing Innovative and Creative Products and Services that provide software information and communication.Purpose of Satmat Group is not only to Provide Services, Web-Design But we also provide Ecommerce Applications,B2B Software and B2C Softwares.Satmat Group's philosophy is to persuade the highest quality Software, Total Client satisfaction, Timely delivery of software solutions and the best Price ratio found in Overall industry.

Satmat Group Registered as Satmat Technologies Pvt Ltd is a Privately Owned IT Software business with history since 2017. Today we’re a proud & humble team of IT Engineers who thrive on rolling up their sleeves and solving your IT problems and meeting your business needs. We are the Best and Right Technology Partner to go For with Best Quality Driven Software in Most Effective Price Range with Timely Deliverables. Satmat Group Assures that we assign best team to your Projects who understands the Depth of technologies. We have a Group of Technical team who are multi skilled and consistently able to solve your Problems and deliver the projects on time.

Satmat Group Company based in Pune, provides Fast and Agile development of Products, Solutions and Services.We provide 24/7 Support Online and Oncall Support to our Clients.Satmat Group have a range of team which Adaptive, Consistent, Collaborative, Co-ordinative and Forthright, Who follow a process of custom software development of designing software applications that meet the business needs of our Client.

Satmat Group Company, work on Technologies like Nodejs, Javascript, PHP, Laravel, React Js, React Native, Android in Java, Angular Js, AWS and many more Latest Technologies. Satmat Group have a team which is proficient in Integrating third Party Libraries with Different Code Bases.

Satmat Group Company, is Expertise in Latest and Advanced Technologies which Provides best Solution in the IT Market. Our team can provide a wide range of mobile, web, desktop and enterprise software technology expertise across all major development environments, frameworks and platforms.

Satmat Group is a business development & improvement solutions company based in Pune, India. that specialises in system design, development, and implementation. Satmat Group assists businesses in developing systems that are aligned with their vision, goals, and objectives. According to research, search engines are used to find over 90% of websites. As a result, it is more crucial than ever for your website to improve its ranks in order to acquire and maintain top rankings. At Satmat Group, we customise our Search Engine Optimization services to our clients individual business goals and marketing strategies.

Satmat Group will help you address which type of platform and OS you should focus your App development on. At times, you may want to focus on one type of device or OS to gain the advantage of features native to it, other times, you may prefer to build an App that can be implemented into all major Operating systems and devices. For instance, if your app will primarily be used by iPhone and iPad users, you can focus on developing it in IOS and optimize it by taking advantage of its various quirks. If on the other hand, you had built the app for both Android and IOS, you would’ve limited your design to the common features in both.

Satmat Group is a custom software development firm that supports in analyzing and identifying areas for improvement, as well as developing a strategic roadmap for their software development. React.js, Node.js, Python, React Native, Native Android, iOS, Flutter, Robotics, and AWS are among our main strengths in the development of software, web and mobile applications leveraging emerging technologies. We specialize in developing cloud-native, cross-platform apps using multi-stack programming languages, serverless and microservices architecture, and cloud platform hosting to provide high scalability, maintainability, and security.

The waterfall model has six stages: requirements, analysis, design, coding, testing, and deployment. During the requirements stage, developers write down all the possible requirements of a system in a requirements document.
Design, develop, QA and deliver software. Provide developers with a specific set or variety of specialities. Respond to client feedback and provide design adjustments when requested.

The process begins the moment you contact us with your project requirements via phone, email, or other social media platforms. We examine the requirements and reply accordingly. You can choose the engagement model after further conversation, and we'll start the development process. Satmat Group makes it possible to design Android apps in a short amount of time without losing quality. If you want to commercialise your app, make changes, or need support and maintenance after it's been released on the Play Store, we can handle the upgrades and satisfy your needs. During the app development process, we collaborate closely with customers to determine each and every aspect of the app, including the colour scheme, icons, and graphics etc. to ensure the app is entirely branded according to your company’s requirement.




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